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How to use a mapped drive rather than a UNC path for Account Ability's database.
How to use a mapped drive rather than a UNC path for Account Ability's database.
Although Account Ability automatically references its database by UNC path, you can change the path to a mapped drive.


a) Have all users exit Account Ability
b) Move the database to the desired shared folder on your mapped drive
c) Launch Account Ability
d) From the 'Module' menu, select 'Reallocate -> Account Ability's YYYY Database'
e) Browse to the database on the mapped drive and select 'Open'
f) Exit Account Ability
g) Locate the file ADS.INI in Account Ability's installation folder
h) Double-click ADS.INI and open it with NOTEPAD
i) Notice that Account Ability changed the mapped drive to a UNC path
j) Manually change the UNC path to the desired mapped drive
k) Save the ADS.INI file and restart Account Ability
l) From the 'Help' menu, select 'About Account Ability's Database'
m) Verify that the folder now uses a mapped drive.

IMPORTANT: It is essential that all users use the same mapped drive! Failure to do so can result in database conflicts, possibly database corruption. This is the primary reason Account Ability uses a unique UNC path rather than a mapped drive.
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