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Account Ability Tax Form 1099-K Software

Account Ability's 1099-K Software

  • 1099-K forms can be keyed in or imported from text files, spreadsheets and IRS transmittals.
  • 1099-K forms are easily maintained on user friendly windows resembling the actual IRS form (as shown above).
  • Complies with Section 6050W of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Bulk TIN Matching module (included for free) checks Payee name and TIN against IRS records.
  • Electronic filing (E-FILE) of tax form 1099-K via IRS FIRE is included for free.
  • Includes Combined Federal/State Filing for form 1099-K.
  • Prints Second B-Notices (Backup Withholding Notices) upon request.
  • Prints 1099-K Copy A on pre-printed fillable IRS approved 1099-K forms.
  • Prints Payee copies on blank paper (see SAMPLE OUTPUT below) or fillable 1099-K forms.
  • Ideal for taxi cab and limousine companies required to issue Form 1099-K to their drivers.
  • Exports 1099-K forms to CSV text files compatible with Excel.
  • 1099-K forms can be rolled foward from year-to-year at your option.
  • Supports an unlimited number of 1099-K returns.
  • Filters unwanted 1099-K forms in seconds.
  • Two levels of password protection to secure your returns.
  • Forms can be locked for review only after final submission to IRS.
  • Calculates and prints Form 1096 for IRS or an information copy for your records.
  • Includes quick access to the Windows calculator when needed.
  • Includes current year and prior year correction processing.
  • Displays IRS 1099-K reporting instructions and filing due dates.
  • Payee comments, visible only to the filer, can be added to any 1099-K return.
  • Payee copies can be delivered via Account Ability's optional Print and Mail Service.
  • All of your 1099-K forms reside on your computer (or network), not ours.
  • Detailed Control Reports help to validate your data prior to processing.
  • Account Ability includes free and unlimited technical support to all licensed users.
  • Visit our website and read all of the features.
1099-K Payee Copy B (Companion Envelope DWMR)
1099-K Payee Copy B on Pressure Seal (Requires Form PSN14EZ)
Second B-Notice (Backup Withholding Notice)
1096 Information Copy for Filer's Records
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