The following instructions apply to filers of annual wage reports (W-2).

E-Filing with Account Ability involves 3 simple steps:

1) Create the W2REPORT transmittal file:

2) Upload the W2REPORT transmittal to the SSA Business Services Online (SSA BSO):

3) Rename the W2REPORT transmittal:

To check your submission status, repeat step (2) up to see checking submission status.

Submission Status: Click the Search by WFID tab and click Continue. The status of your submission will be one of the following: RECEIVED (your transmittal has not been processed yet); IN PROCESS (your transmittal is now being processed by SSA); COMPLETE (your transmittal has been accepted by SSA); RETURN (your transmittal contains errors and must be replaced. In this case, contact Account Ability Technical Support at 800-582-5831 for assistance).