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In the past, the electronic delivery (eDelivery) of information returns (1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498) and annual wage reports (W2, W2C) via the web as electronic statements (eStatements) was only possible for large corporations armed with web developers, software programmers, database administrators and network engineers. Until now! The innovative Account Ability FileCabinet™ system makes the entire process of creating eStatement PDFs, posting them to a secure website, notifying the recipient and managing electronic consent as easy as Click..Print..eDeliver.

What is the FileCabinet™ — The Account Ability FileCabinet™ system is analogous to a virtual file cabinet consisting of an unlimited number of electronic drawers (eDrawers), each belonging to a specific filer and capable of holding an unlimited number of eStatements. Information returns and annual wage reports printed to the FileCabinet™ Printer are automatically converted to encrypted PDF eStatements before being eDelivered. An email only edition (AAFCE) is also available. AAFCE includes an unlimited number of eStatements and uses your SMTP server. IRS and SSA compliance is the sole responsibility of the AAFCE user.

The Account Ability FileCabinet is analagous to a virtual file cabinet consisting of electronic drawers and eStatements

The FileCabinet™ (AAFC) is analogous to a virtual file cabinet!

FileCabinet™ System Components — Each FileCabinet System (AAFC) includes all of the following components,

  • FileCabinet™ Printer Software — Install this printer on your computer just as you would install any other printer. Upon completion, your 'Printers and Faxes' folder will contain the Account Ability FileCabinet™ printer.
  • 100 eStatements (AAFCS) — This will allow you to eDeliver a maximum of 100 eStatements to any combination of eDrawers in your FileCabinet™. If you need to order additional eStatements, order item # AAFCS on our order page.
  • One User License (AAFCU) — If you need to install the FileCabinet™ Printer Software on additional computers, order item # AAFCU on our order page. Each AAFCU adds one additional user to your existing license.
  • Three Years of Hosting — Your entire FileCabinet™ is hosted for a minimum of three years at

Configuration 1. You have 30 1099-MISC and 50 W-2 forms to eDeliver. All you will need to order is one AAFC. The FileCabinet will contain 80 eStatements, leaving a balance of 20 available for future use, corrections, etc.

Configuration 2. You have 400 1099-MISC and 300 W-2 forms to eDeliver. You will need to order one AAFC and 6 AAFCS = 600 additional eStatements.

Configuration 3. You have 5000 1099-MISC forms to eDeliver. You desire to email these to each recipient using your own SMTP mail server and you already received a letter of compliance from each recipient. You only need to order one AAFCE.

How AAFC Works —  The Account Ability FileCabinet™ harnesses the industrial strength forms processing power of Account Ability to seamlessly create and eDeliver your eStatements. Simply print your returns to the Account Ability FileCabinet™ Printer and watch as your returns are instantly converted to encrypted PDFs and uploaded to the Account Ability FileCabinet™ Outbox for processing.

The FileCabinet integrates with Account Ability software.

Account Ability FileCabinet™ Outbox

If the Auto-send mode is turned on, eStatements are automatically eDelivered from the outbox to each filer’s eDrawer in the FileCabinet™. Otherwise, you will have the option to review or delete eStatements prior to eDelivering them to the FileCabinet™. The entire FileCabinet™ is hosted at

As eStatements are eDelivered to the FileCabinet™ each recipient is automatically notified via email that his eStatement is available to view, download, or print. Furthermore, the FileCabinet™ system complies with IRS by managing the secure user authentication and consent requirements as outlined in Publication 15-A and the General Instructions for Certain Information Returns.

Each eStatement is archived for a minimum of 3 years. So, if your recipients need access to reprint their eStatements in the future, they'll just log into the website and download what they need.

Setup is Simple — Setting up your Account Ability FileCabinet™ system does not require an advanced IT staff or additional hardware or software. Simply install it as you would any other printer and start printing. What's more, the Account Ability FileCabinet™ Printer is optimized for handling large batches of information returns and annual wage reports, which makes it as easy to eDeliver 5,000 eStatements as it is to eDeliver 50.

Security — The Account Ability FileCabinet™ web storage and eDelivery system is housed in a secure SAS70 Level II data center. Each PDF eStatement is stored in encrypted format, meaning that only the recipient can open the file by typing in their taxpayer ID.

What is the Cost? — The Account Ability FileCabinet™ is priced by component. For the cost of each component visit our order page (select Order on the menu).

Try it for Free - A free trial version can be found on the download page.

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